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Our resources and expertise enable us to deliver a range
of comprehensive snp, commercial and technical services.

Our SNP and shipbroking operations are practically oriented and individually tailored to satisfy the needs of our clients depending on their specific requirements and business objectives.
At West Gate are committed to stand by our clients, guiding and providing them with technical advice, expert market knowledge and professional skills until final and successful realization of their shipping projects.



<img src="image.png" alt="westgate_snp_serrvices">SALE & PURCHASE

SNP represents the crux of our brokerage operations, and a significant number of the vessels currently navigating  across the oceans hold West Gate's fingerprint.
Our dedicated team of snp brokers has been delivering operational expertise, providing clients with real-time insight into market developments and skill-based service and has managed to conclude successfully hundreds of snp transactions encompassing the following vessels classes:





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<img src="image.png" alt="westgate_technical_services">Technical Services

Our resources and expertise enable us to identify suitable market opportunities for our clients,and use our skills and knowledge to identify risks and manage them to help our clients conclude complex transaction, contract newbuildings, or arrange the scrapping of older vessels.
In addition, working in cooperation with our strategic business partners, we can assist clients with valuable knowledge and technical advice in respect of the following:

  • Dry-cargo vessels
  • Tanker vessels
  • Offshore tonnage
  • Ro/Ro cargo vessels
  • Car/Passenger Ferries
  • High Speed Crafts and Cruise vessels
  • Demolition with Worldwide deliveries
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Special Maritime Projects
  • Ships valuation services
  • Technical and Commercial Troubleshooting
  • Ship Management (Commercial, Technical and ISM)
  • Registration and classification solutions
  • Feasibility studies for Marine related investments

What sets us apart is that we strive to create value. 
Our productive synergy approach, which comprises of high caliber shipbrokers and market analysts, allows our clients enjoy valuable knowledge and unparalleled skills and insight that help identify and conceive promising market opportunities.


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Although each member of our team specializes in a specific market segment, yet all of our work is interconnected, complementary and is often dedicated to service the same transaction. It is precisely this approach that enhanced our credibility and enabled West Gate establish remarkable reputation for integrity.