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As a professional team of shipbrokers, we value our clients,
our work and the environment where we operate.

WESTGATE is a Dubai based independent ships trading and ship-broking firm that has been  
actively involved in all major aspects of the shipping industry since inception.
For over 30 years, our dedicated team of expert ship-brokers and market analysts have been providing clients with valuable and comprehensive shipbroking services assisting them in implementing and realizing their shipping transactions
with the best results possible and to their utmost satisfaction.


We are a dedicated team of experienced brokers, market analysts and technical consultants.
Each member of the team specializes in a specific area or market segment.

We use our in-depth market knowledge and professional expertise to assist our clients in their shipping projects. We help them achieve their business objectives through delivery of comprehensive maritime solutions to their complex transactions no matter how challenging they are.



At West Gate, we do not simply act as intermediaries bringing Sellers & Buyers together and help them strike a deal, but we also strive to create value.
Our teamwork, which gathers highly skilled shipbrokers, marine technical experts and market analysts, enables us to identify market opportunities for our clients, manage risks, eliminate obstacles and solve delicate issues until realization of the brokerage project with the best possible outcome.

Our clients are the owners and operators of vessels, insurers and major financial institutions dealing with projects, where our skills and expertise can be a significant added value.
We invest in technology to enhance our ability to research, collect, and validate an incredible amount of data and pass this strategic information to our clients to help them in their decision-making.